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StealthSmart Swords, Handguns, Rifles, Cannons by TabulaMentis
featuring high-power StealthSmart long distance laser, lasersword, laserlight-bullets, laserlight (ball lightning) plasma cannon, invisibility cloak,
auto-detect, electron zapper (EZ), quantum active/passive defense with ESP, stealth wireless communications and night vision.

  See ● Communicate ● Stun ● Vaporize  
  3D/2x4D Printer/Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/LTE Compatible  



Semi-related News:
March 02, 2018: Scientists observe a new quantum particle with properties of ball lightning.
March 02, 2018: Plasma bubbles help trigger massive magnetic events in outer space.

March 01, 2016: Scientists find clues to the mystery of what causes lightning.
July 10, 2015: What causes lightning?
July 01, 2015: The cosmic start of lightning.
June 19, 2015: Could we one day control the path of lightning?
January 17, 2014: First instance of ball lightning captured on video and spectrographs.
YouTube Video: Mysterious ball lightning.
Wikipedia: Ball lightning.


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