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Doomsday Notice
Also see Timeline and Lensless by Tabūla Mentis.
Sub-Angstrom imaging is the only thing preventing us from creating futuristic technologies.

It will happen sooner and be worse than you think!

By the year 2029 there will be about 50% unemployment worldwide and from thereafter unemployment will only get worse.*

The average part-time unemployed/underemployed US worker will receive about $0.50 per hour when work is available after the year 2035.


Mass Unemployment Due To Future Technology/Innovation/Know-how:
Spintronic-Photonic-Optical-Biomolecular-Quantum Computers and beyond.**
High-Capacity Information Storage.
Artificial Intelligence (AI) Software.
Machine Learning Computer Science.
Advanced Computer Processors.
Advanced Robotics.
Virtual Reality.
3D Holograms.
3D Animation.
3D Printers.
The adverse side effects to mass unemployment will be:
Rigged stock market-insider trading-Ponzi schemes.

Plummeting bond and note values.
Plummeting real estate values.
Mass homelessness.
Mass starvation.
Massive debts.
Low tax revenues.
Angry people become radicalized.
Pestilence and humanmade natural disasters.
No more food stamps, welfare or subsidized housing.
Politicians taxing your savings, seizing your land & forced evictions.
Say goodbye to Social Security, healthcare and government pensions.
401(k) accounts, stocks, bonds, notes and currencies will become worthless.
Drastic cuts in education, public services, social investments and military spending.

In the future it is recommended that people move from equities (real estate, stocks, etc.) to commodities (gold, silver, etc.).

2x4D Technology will eventually make gold, silver, etc. near worthless, but will eventually be a godsend once humans come to their senses.

Beware of:
Lone wolfs, rebel groups and radicalized religious fanatics,
plus, futuristic weapons of mass destruction with unimaginable power and new types of advanced weaponry,
such as:
ESP weapons, ball lightning-laser weapons, advanced firearms and spacecraft.

Warning: Life could become very dire for you and your family!

Do not allow politicians to put you, your city, county, state or country into bankruptcy by overspending.

*See the date 2029 on Wikipedia's webpage regarding artificial intelligence.
US National Debt Clock
World Debt Clock

The future cannot be based on today's technology:

1900 hot air balloon versus 1904 airplane.
1940 one ton dynamite bomb versus 1945 15 kiloton atomic bomb.
1930 analog computer versus 1940 digital computer.
1792 optical telegraph versus 1837 electric telegraph.
1800 steam engine versus 1855 electric car.

As you can tell, they are different, but also similar.

FS-2035 Fighting Saucer by TabūlaMentis.
Production to begin circa year 2035.

FTL Flying Alphatron by TabūlaMentis.
Travel from one side of the universe to the other in less than one second.
Production to begin circa year 3000.



Frank the Robot by TabūlaMentis

Let's Do The Math

(1): By the year 2029 computers with artificial intelligence will be as smart (RT/speed of thought) as humans.**
According to Moore's Law the number of transistors in a dense integrated circuit (clock speed)
doubles about every two years thereby doubling the intelligence after 2029 beyond humans about every two years.

(2): By the year 2035 spintronic-
photonic-optical-biomolecular computers may be about 1,000 times faster than conventional computers.
(3): By the year 2035 quantum computers may be thousands of times faster than conventional computers.

Calculation = by the year 2035 hybrid computers with artificial intelligence may be about ??,??? times smarter than humans.
The average human IQ range is between 70 and 130.
Reaction time (RT) is correlated with intelligence (IQ).
Related links: Mental chronometry Pearson product-moment correlation coefficient Inspection time
Speed matters, but not how you think: IQ and latent factors in reaction time.
So, in the year 2035 if you were an employer (a prejudiced computerized robot who fears humans) would you hire a computer like yourself at a one time
price of approximately $400.00± each or would you hire a human that requires an hourly wage, or salary, plus insurance, benefits, etc., etc., etc.?


March 08, 2017: Stephen Hawking: People must control aggression or face humanity's demise.
February 22, 2017: AI learns to write its own code by stealing from other programs.
February 14, 2017: Robots are better at creative work than we thought (Photos, Videos).
February 13, 2017: Elon Musk: Humans must merge with machines or become irrelevant in AI age.
January 18, 2017: China to develop supercomputer prototype as powerful as human brain.
January 13, 2017: Corruption/Boondoggle: Sacramento report: No new affordable housing money in Gov’s budget.
January 13, 2017: Corruption/Boondoggle: Confidential report: California bullet train could cost billions more than expected.
December 09, 2016: Robot takeover begins? Corporate giant Capita replaces staff with automatons.
December 01, 2016: UN report warns of new 'Arab Spring.'
November 26, 2016: Care for elderly ‘close to collapse’ across UK as council funding runs out.
November 06, 2016: Elon Musk: We need universal income because robots will steal all the jobs.
October 28, 2016: Rise of the Machines: Is artificial intelligence (AI) manipulating our minds?
October 12, 2016: Robots are coming… and will ‘fundamentally’ change human life, MPs warn.
October 07, 2016: Half of US jobs at risk due to automation ‒ WTO Director-General.
September 12, 2016: Hunger drives US teens to swap sex for food, commit crimes – research.
September 08, 2016: 18 jobs being replaced by robots.
It has been estimated that by the year 2029 for the first time in history computers will be able to think faster than the human mind.
August 25, 2016: Will superfast 'quantum' computers mean the end of unbreakable encryption?
July 11, 2016: 'Europe is extremely sick', says Deutsche Bank chief economist.
July 08, 2016: Lehmans 2.0: Keiser insists Deutsche demise makes ‘2008 crisis look like picnic.’
June 28, 2016: US officials warn decade-long food crisis could spark global chaos.
June 07, 2016: Robots poised to take half the world’s jobs in 30 years.
May 28, 2016: Pizza Hut just signaled a terrifying reality for fast-food workers.
May 27, 2016: Are you shrinking along with the middle class?
May 25, 2016: Your next iPhone could be built by robot workers.

May 06, 2016: What's Mother's Day if you've been born in a machine and raised by robots?
March 08, 2016: Game over? New AI challenge to human smarts (Update).
March 07, 2016: MIT's new 5-atom quantum computer could make today's encryption obsolete.

Artificial Intelligence by TabūlaMentis

February 28, 2016: Report cites dangers of autonomous weapons.
February 25, 2016: Gaming chip is helping raise your computer's IQ.
February 18, 2016: Don't be alarmed: AI won't leave half the world unemployed.
The author Toby Walsh of the above article, whether he knows it or not, is in a state of mind called "denial."
Perhaps the author of the above article is unknowingly suffering from an illness called the Frankenstein Complex?
Related link.
February 18, 2016: Real or virtual: Scientists ask ‒ can we tell the difference?
February 14, 2016: Intelligent robots threaten millions (billions within 20 years) of jobs.
Politicians promise "Hope and Change" while they grow government debts (spend your future savings down the drain).
So, in the future if you do not have a job and do not have any savings, then what do you do to feed yourself?
Revelation 6:6
Most people when asked the question reply:
"We will revert to the old days and grow crops" (illegally on somebody else's land with warbots flying above us).
February 01, 2016: World's first 'robot run' farm to open in Japan.
January 26, 2016: Scientists: "Doomsday Clock" reflects grave threat to world.
January 26, 2016: Machine-written speech reads like real political spiel.
January 21, 2016: The one with the robot writer: Software generates new ‘Friends’ episodes.
By the year 2031, most, if not all, Internet entertainment, music recordings, movie productions, TV programming, including live news,
except for field reporters, entertainers, etc., will be generated 100% by 3D tech using high-resolution high-speed animated
real life looking avatars on-demand in real-time.

January 21, 2016: From virtual reality to a robot named Pepper, these tech tools could change the face of retail.
By the year 2045 all jobs, except for the cheapest in labor, including field reporters, will be replaced by

January 15, 2016: Not so science fiction after all, the Internet could out-evolve humanity.
**September 08, 2015: Photonics to revolutionize Internet speeds.
**May 08, 2013: Speed test of quantum versus conventional computing: Quantum computer wins.


2x4D Betatronic All-in-One Multiverse Subatomic Quantum Scanner/Teleporter/Printer/Coner (replicator)/Backward Time Machine by TabūlaMentis
Print all the food and drink you can consume. Print clothing, cars and homes. Print new copies (male/female) of yourself.
To be available circa year 2045, unless delayed by gunrunners/warmongers/barbarians/overspending.


I: Jesus does not return until circa Year 3050 for WWIV which will be too late for the Messiah to intervene in WWIII.
II: The return of the Messiah may be delayed a Millennium or more if there is a World War Three with a negative outcome.
III: Do not give your money to those who preach hate and claim the Messiah is returning soon to save our planet.
IV: Tabūla Mentis has been warning people since 1991 to not increase their personal, corporate, local, state and federal debt,
and for everyone to prepare for the future, but to no avail up to this date people have not heeded to our well founded advice.

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