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1st & 2nd Generation Fighting Saucers by TabūlaMentis
Powered by TabūlaMentis Betatricity/Betatronic Quantum Gravity Engine


FS-2035 Fighting Saucer by TabūlaMentis
with first-generation gravity engine, artificial intelligence (AI),
invisibility cloaks, force fields, high-power lasers,
laserlight bullets, laserlight artificial ball lightning plasma cannons,
stealth photonic/neutrino communications, electron zapper (EZ),
quantum active/passive defense with
ESP, quantum radar,
quantum guided munitions and conventional weapons
all by TabūlaMentis
. To be available circa 2035




FF-2045 Flying Fortress Mothership by TabūlaMentis
with second-generation TabūlaMentis gravity engine
using advanced betatronic technology.
To be available circa 2045



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Semi-related News:
March 11, 2018: Terrific video allegedly shows new evidence of US pilots intercepting UFO.
December 19, 2017: Navy pilot was 'pretty weirded out' by encounter with unidentified object in 2004.

March 07, 2016: Team simulates the expansion of the Universe.
February 11, 2016: Gravitational waves detected 100 years after Einstein's prediction.
February 11, 2016: Gravitational waves for dummies: Key facts about Einstein's unsolved mystery.

January 27, 2016: CIA releases secret files of 'flying saucer' UFO sightings - including over Britain.
January 11, 2016: Rumors are flying that we finally found gravitational waves.
Note: Einstein gravitational waves predicted in General Relativity are not the same as quantum gravity particles called "gravitons."

January 11, 2016: Paper proposes method to create gravitational fields.
November 19, 2015: SLAC theorist explains quantum gravity.

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