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Frank Jr. by TabūlaMentis


Conceived in 1984


Frank Jr. includes the following:

100 up to 400,000,000 IQ* TabūlaMentis
Dual-life Processor Brain.
Lensless Ultra High Resolution Touchscreen Face.
Mouth that Bites and Maces (optional).
Two TabūlaMentis
Lensless Camera Eyes (rear/side eyes optional).
Tablet/Slate Lensless Ultra High Resolution Touchscreen Computer (detachable wireless remote) Mounted on Chest.
Miniature Emergency Rocket Engine with parachute (optional).
Quantum Gravity Engine (optional).
Quad Motorized Roller Feet (tank tread optional).
Alarm Clock, Proximity Sensors, Alarm Multi-Systems Slave, Emergency Lights and Siren.
Cordless Telephone, TV, Internet, CCTV, Door Bell, Intercom and AM/FM/SW/MW/LW/FM/DAB/DVB-T/DVB-H/VHF/UHF/VLF Channels.
Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, LTE, Cellular and Satellite Telephone/TV Compatibility.
Microphone, Speaker, AC Power and Phone Handset Inputs/Outputs.
Automatic Magnetic Induction Recharging Pad.
SD Card Reader, 3-USB3 and Ethernet Ports.
Metamaterial/Betamaterial Cloaking (optional).
Internal Stereo Microphones and Speakers.
Rugged Lightweight Waterproof Design.
Rear Handle for Easy Portability.
Advanced Weaponry (optional).
And much, much more.

Approximate size: 8"x10" with 7" diagonal detachable TabūlaMentis
tablet/slate lensless ultra high resolution touchscreen computer wireless remote.



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Frank is short for Franklinstein the Robot first conceived in 1984 based on the 1981 song Franklinstein by Bob Franklin.**

The name FRANKLINSTEIN has thirteen (13) letters.

**Do you suffer from the mental illness called the Frankenstein Complex? If yes, then get professional help right away!


In 1985 TV and radio advertisers in Los Angeles were out to get Frank the Robot during Super Bowl XIX.
The Apple 1984 Commercial was one of several terrifying TV ads aired in Los Angeles during Super Bowl XIX.
Bob's Big Boy Restaurant and Pacific Telephone (now AT&T) were the other two advertisers during Super Bowl XIX.
Even Jimmy Swaggart was complaining about "people becoming robots" that Sunday morning before Super Bowl XIX.
Hear the
Franklinstein Radio Commercial that aired in Los Angeles in response to TV commercials and comments made on Super Bowl XIX Sunday.

Note: The above actions were unprovoked and evidence shows it may be related to the antichrist Zionist movement.

The song Franklinstein was originally titled "We Can Live Forever" written in 1977 in response to the song "Dust In the Wind" by the band Kansas recorded & released in 1977.
Interestingly, when the song was retitled Franklinstein in 1981 the City of Los Angeles increased their fees for hardwired smoke alarm permits after
the City of LA
city counsel passed an emergency ordinance increasing the fee for hardwired smoke alarms by seventeen-fold. As a result Franklin Security Systems
(renamed Tabūla Mentis in 1991 and then Tabūla Mentis Corporation in 2013) lost $65,000.00 due to the sudden increase in fees

In 1991 Tabūla Mentis was first to coin the terms "tablet" and "slate" (in Latin or English) in association with computer devices nine years before Microsoft.
Tabūla Mentis = "Mind Slate" or "Tablet (slate/board) of the Mind."

In 1991 Tabūla Mentis was the forerunner to the world's first preproduction electronic/betatronic lensless camera/display
(telescreen) twenty-two years before Bell Labs.

Model with advanced weaponry, quantum gravity engine,
betamaterial, ESP and mind uploading/downloading capability to be available circa 2035-2045.


*400 IQ brain to be available circa 2030. Click on the following date 2029 at regarding artificial intelligence and search for the date 2029 on Wikipedia's webpage. According to Moore's Law the number of transistors in a dense integrated circuit doubles about every two years thereby doubling their intelligence after 2029 beyond humans about every two years. Note 1: Quantum technology will expand the CPU clock speed benchmark and artificial intelligence of computers further. Note 2: Photonics will increase the CPU clock speed benchmark and artificial intelligence of computers even more. In essence, Frank could have an IQ over 1000 by the year 2035 when quantum technology and photonics are taken into consideration. See Timeline for additional information.




  Creative Commons License Radio commercial is free to share under a Creative Commons Music Sharing License.


Microsoft, Apple and TabūlaMentis were founded between 1975-1977 (TabūlaMentis was Franklin Security Systems 1977-1990).
is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.
is a registered trademark of Apple Inc..
is a trademark of Tabūla Mentis Corporation.


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