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Quantum Lensless Multi-Aperture Computational Flat/Flexible/Stretchable/Transparent Cameras,
Computer Monitors, TVs, Billboards, Computer Processors (NUTMs), "
Big Data" Storage
Devices, Gravity/Thought Engines, Artificial Intelligence/Neural Networks
by TabūlaMentis™

Plus: Telescreens/Mind Slates/2x4D Scanners/Cloners/Teleportation/Printers (replicators)/Robotics
Mind Uploading-Downloading/Matrices/Batteries/Lighting/Solar and H
2O Power Membranes

Attophysics betatronic superlenses to be available circa 2035-2045 - see Timeline

In 1991 Tabūla Mentis was the forerunner to the world's first preproduction electronic/betatronic lensless camera/display twenty-two years before Bell Labs.*
*Click Here to decide for yourself if you think Bell Labs graphics art department may have plagiarized the below illustration by Tabūla Mentis?

Prior to
TabūlaMentis™ "telescreens" were fictional devices.

Photonic Lensless Superlens Quantum Designs by TabūlaMentis™
The next generation in 2D electronics/optics/photonics/metatronics/betatronics


2D "Betacule"





– each individual "Beta" is one Planck length
        (beta technology can be scaled-up

   Supercube™ technology can be scaled-up† –

†and vice versa                     


© 2011 TabūlaMentis™


© 1995 TabūlaMentis™




© 1991 TabūlaMentis™

© 1991 TabūlaMentis™

© 1992 TabūlaMentis™





Waves/Rays/Scalars/Frequency/Energy/Measurements/Optics →



10 Angstroms









Gravity Era



Micro Infrared


Ultraviolet X-Rays   Gamma-Rays
Soft X-Rays    Hard X-Rays             
  History of the Microscope.
Also see Microscopy and Superlens.
Circa 2035
Circa 3050
Circa 5000
        Quantum Gravity Engines   Alphatron
  +100 Mm 100 m 1 dm 100 μm 1 μm 100 nm 100 pm 1 pm   Circa 2045      
  +12.4 feV 12.4 neV 12.4 μeV 124 meV 1.24 eV 12.4 eV 12.4 keV 1.24 MeV 1.5–100 GeV Human Immortality
  American scale base 10 of a meter values are approximate.  


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Note: See Tabūla Mentis Corporation's lensless/superlens technology illustrations listed above copyrighted between 1991-2011.
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Lobster eyes.
Salt cubes.


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Atomic absorption and emission spectra.
The electromagnetic spectrum.
Electromagnetic spectrum.
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Based on the following:
Tabūla Mentis Theory.
I.C.E. (Infinite Cold Energy).
BAM-theory (Beta/Alpha/Meta).
The Itty Bitty Teeny Weeny Little Big Bang Theory.
Higher energy 0D metatronics and 1D alphatronics not illustrated.

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