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  Based on the Itty Bitty Teeny Weeny Little Big Bang Theory and BAM-theory (Beta/Alpha/Meta) by TabūlaMentis and the Standard Model of Particle Physics  
  I.C.E. Infinite Cold Energy   Metapeople "2044"  
  ISBN: 978-0-9837013-2-3
UPC: 51121-00001

Physics book release date no later than January 2020
  ISBN: 978-0-9837013-3-0
UPC: 51121-00002

Novel release date no later than February 2020

In the Works: Albert Einstein spent the last ten years of his life trying to figure out the Theory of Everything (ToE). Stephen Hawking wrote a book and made a movie about what a ToE needs to be in order for the ToE to be a successful idea. Robert Franklin, the creator of BAM-theory (Beta/Alpha/Meta), after years of research has finally solved the mystery of the ToE. BAM-theory is not string theory, nor superstring theory, nor M-theory, nor is it Loop Quantum Gravity theory either. Back in 1991 Robert Franklin decided to create his own ideas from scratch using a bottom-up approach not based on anyone else's preexisting ideas except for using the Standard Model of Particle Physics as a starting-reference point. An extreme makeover back in 1991 is just what the physics community needed without changing the Standard Model of Particle Physics, excluding additions, but presenting the model as something that will make sense that even a common everyday layperson can understand. Several years later around 1995 the Second Superstring Revolution began and then in 1997 the Holographic Principle was added to M-theory which started to bring scientists closer to the correct ultimate theory using brane cosmology. For decades Robert Franklin has been working on BAM-theory slowly perfecting it getting it ready. The day has almost arrived, a day when a complete theory of everything has been totally redrawn from the bottom-up, from the top-down, from the inside-out in such a simple manner that even Bob's AI robot Frank by the year 2029 will be able to understand the ToE.
But wait, there's more: A unique twist to religious theory has also been added to this book that some people may be interested in learning more about depending on what side of the fence a person's belief may reside. But do not worry though, because the religious theory does not go too far making the book God gaudy. All a person has to do is mix and match the bangs (itty bitty teeny weeny little big bangs) to one's liking to fit their preexisting belief system created since birth. However, there are two things to consider when trying to circumvent divine intervention, like for instance: #1: from nothing comes nothing such as some theories that try to explain how our superverse originated from a vacuum and #2: it would be near impossible to create an extra dimensional structure like our superverse directly from the zeroth dimension of space. Anyone who thinks they have a better idea from where the big bang originated from, then whip it out if you dare! For more information please visit our affiliate websites located at: Church of Metatrons.
And last, but not least: There are some strange things going on because back in 1991 about six months into creating the special theories for this book the writer witnessed some interesting things appearing in and out for about another six months afterwards. One thing that can be said about those strange sightings is that whatever they were they were not something that live on this planet.

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In the Works: Move over Star Wars - Harry Potter - George Orwell's "1984" - Matrix - Terminator - Avengers - Star Trek because here comes the Metapeople series. This particular dystopian novel is based on mind slate technology by TabūlaMentis written by Robert Franklin the founder of Tabūla Mentis Corporation in 1991 who has been developing futuristic ideas for years beginning with the introduction of Frank the Robot in 1984. When Tabūla Mentis theory was created in 1991 a year later playwright Thomas Althouse claimed his 1992 screenplay "The Immortals" had many similarities to the 1999 sci-fi action film "The Matrix" which coincidentally has an eerie resemblance to the Metapeople based on Tabūla Mentis theory developed earlier back in 1991 about artificial intelligence and mind uploading so humans could accomplish immortality here on planet Earth. Incidentally, in 1991 Robert Franklin was first to coin the words "tablet" and "slate" in relation to wireless computers. Robert Franklin, a former California state licensed armed burglar/fire alarm company owner/operator, foresaw back in the 1970s the need for a telescreen-like security system, but with an additional feature of mind slates that knows what people are intrinsically thinking that will help to prevent crimes before they happen.


Note: This dystopian novel Metapeople "2044" is based in part on ideas outlined in the book Nineteen Eighty-Four "1984" by George Orwell, the book I.C.E. Infinite Cold Energy by Robert Franklin, information found in this website and at the website

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Metapeople "2060"



ISBN: Pending
UPC: 51121-00003
Trilogy sci-fi adventures about Supercubes
Novel release date no later than July 2020


In the Planning Phase: The above image contains what is called a Supercube. In 1995 Robert Franklin first used the word Supercube for his non-fiction combination science-religion action packed movie treatment based in part on the Itty Bitty Teeny Weeny Little Big Bang Theory by Robert Franklin that explained the New Jerusalem (a satellite of Heaven) as mentioned in the Holy Bible Revelation/Apocalypse 21:16. Twelve years later the word Supercube appeared in the novel Before Dishonor by Peter David published October 30, 2007. In Peter David's novel Admiral Janeway was assimilated while exploring a supposedly "dead" Borg Supercube and was later transformed into the Borg Queen. Prior to the use of the Supercube name the word Cube was used in the Star Trek series. The Borg is part of the Universal Studios (now CBS Studios) Star Trek series. The name Star Trek and Borg are trademarks of CBS Studios, Inc.. In the Metapeople series a different twist will be added to the script in which religion will not be an obvious addition, but religion will definitely be part of the underlying theme like as in many other fantasy/action/sci-fi movies.


Supercube is a trademark of Tabūla Mentis Corporation




Future Projects in the Planning Phase


Metapeople "3044"

Metapeople "5000"

Tetralogy sci-fi adventures about Alphatrons
Novel release date no later than January 2021

Pentalogy sci-fi adventures about Metatrons
Novel release date no later than July 2021



The Great Testament

The Greatest Testament


The above listed books are part of the Metapeople family franchise

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