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Frank Jr. by TabūlaMentis



Frank Jr. includes the following:

100 up to 400,000,000 IQ* TabūlaMentis
Dual-life Processor Brain.
Lensless Ultra High Resolution Touchscreen Face.
Mouth that Bites and Maces (optional).
Two TabūlaMentis
Lensless Camera Eyes (rear/side eyes optional).
Tablet/Slate Lensless Ultra High Resolution Touchscreen Computer (detachable wireless remote) Mounted on Chest.
Miniature Emergency Rocket Engine with parachute (optional).
Quantum Gravity Engine (optional).
Quad Motorized Roller Feet (tank tread optional).
Alarm Clock, Proximity Sensors, Alarm Multi-Systems Slave, Emergency Lights and Siren.
Cordless Telephone, TV, Internet, CCTV, Door Bell, Intercom and AM/FM/SW/MW/LW/FM/DAB/DVB-T/DVB-H/VHF/UHF/VLF Channels.
Li-Fi, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, LTE, Cellular and Satellite Telephone/TV Compatibility.
Microphone, Speaker, AC Power and Phone Handset Inputs/Outputs.
SD Card Reader, 3-USB3, HDMI and Ethernet Ports.
Automatic Magnetic Induction Recharging Pad.
Metamaterial/Betamaterial Cloaking (optional).
Internal Stereo Microphones and Speakers.
Rugged Lightweight Waterproof Design.
Rear Handle for Easy Portability.
Advanced Weaponry (optional).
Wireless Remote Control.
And much, much more.

Approximate size: 8"x10" with 7" diagonal detachable TabūlaMentis
tablet/slate lensless ultra high resolution touchscreen computer wireless remote.

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